Shamelog #041 - It’s Time For A Break

Part of doing a long term project is about feeling how it ebs and flows. Right now, I’m really not feeling this project, or to be honest, playing games altogether. I don’t want to feel like I’m pushing it - doing a project that is “play games” shouldn’t feel like work.

About a month ago I started playing around with GameMaker Studio, and have begun a Udemy tutorial on basic game design. I’m honestly loving it, so much so that right now, I’d rather do that than play games. I want to grab a hold of that and run with it, rather than waste the opportunity.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this project, but I’ve really got the itch to make something again. I’ve done a few things in the past - created apps, written magazines, ran a failed Kickstarter, started a website - but I haven’t really made a game properly yet. Which is weird, because I have so many (probably terrible) ideas running around my head, and I truly love the medium, so really, why not?

For years now, I’ve had this reoccurring nightmare every few months or so. I’m back in high school fresh after the holidays, the bell goes off to go to class, and I realize I don’t have my timetable. I have no idea what class I’m going to, what room it’s in, what locker is mine, nothing. I panic, and then I wake up.

Last week, this occurred again, though with a twist. The bell rang, and I pulled my timetable out of my pocket. I headed to class, ready to start. Granted I didn’t have any books or anything to write with, but instead of feeling panic, I felt a weird confidence. That feeling has stuck with me since. I didn’t quite get it right this time, but next time, I’ll be ready. I’m on the right track.

If that’s not my head telling me something, I don’t know what is.

Between that and the fact that I’ll be moving house again in a couple of weeks into our newly built home (!) there isn’t going to be much time for gaming for a while. I’ll be back, probably in the next couple of months when things settle down a bit, but for now… yeah. It’s time to step back.

Thanks for following along with me so far. See you soon!

Games Left to Play: 105
Currently Playing: Nothing For A While!
Budget Remaining for 2018: $300