Shamelog #015 - A Wander in the Unknown

After giving notice in our place of rent last week, it’s been go time with packing, moving, packing, moving and oh, more moving, so sadly there’s been bugger all time to sit down and game in this household lately. I did however end a couple nights with a bit of time in my favourite wander simulator, No Man’s Sky.

I know everyone ragged on this game hard at release, but I was one of the seemingly few people who took the game for what it was rather than what it was marketed as and really enjoyed my time wandering around this universe. Where others saw loneliness and repetitiveness, I saw peaceful solitude and joyful meandering. Each time Hello Games have added to the game, I’ve dropped back in to check out what’s new - and this time around, it’s hit that point of “you should totally see this."

The story, while not necessarily the reason I came to NMS, is welcome as an option. I’ve only just reached the meeting with Apollo, and I’m all in.

The best part of NMS is the mystery - it’s inner workings are shrouded in secrecy, and the potential for discovery of something insanely cool drives me to go on. I stumbled upon a low gravity planet earlier in the week, where huge, flat sheets of iron floated just above ground. If only my jet packing around had’ve reflected that gravity shift… maybe in the next update.

I know it’s not on my list, but this game is one of those ones that is just perfect for certain situations. Turns out, No Man’s Sky is the perfect game for turning your brain off and just chilling in. Wander about, see some cool shit. Works for me


Games left to play: 116
Current game: No Man’s Sky, Wolfenstein: The New Order