Shamelog #014 - A Breather

You know what’re good wholesome games? 3D Mario games. Specifically, Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U.

Loren doesn’t really play games, but every now and then she’ll come to me and say, “do you wanna play some Mario?” We have Super Mario 3D World set aside for these very occasions.

The Wii U is a massively underrated console, if only because it has a library of truly fantastic experiences. We’ve just made it to Bowsers final world with 3D World, and even though it’s taken us 2-ish years to get to this point, it’s always easy to jump in and enjoy a couple of levels. Plus, picking Loren up and throwing her over a ledge always makes me giggle. In the game of course.

Post RPG I like to have a bit of a break from games, to let it all soak in. Apart from an hour of Mario, I’ve spent the week reminiscing on Tales of Berseria, and it’s already crystallising in my mind as a great memory. There’s something to be said for thinking about what you’ve accomplished when putting down a game you’ve sunk dozens or hundreds of hours into - reflection is an important part of life we often forget about these days.

The plan ahead, however, is a simple one. Thanks in large part to Waypoint 101 and what occurred in Charlottesville last weekend, it’s time to kill some nazis. I hear Wolfenstein: The New Order is just the ticket we’re after.


Games left to play: 116
Current game: Wolfenstein: The New Order