No Man’s Sky NEXT: This Is My Sky – Second Chapter

I never made it Home.

170 odd hours later, I've learned to live and let be. No Man's Sky has always been about the journey. Turns out, my original home was just a small detour on a much longer trek across the galaxies.

Much has happened since we last spoke. New updates have brought reimagining’s of the entire universe, filling it with more wonder.

The Foundation Update ushered in a whole slew of new additions to the game, most notably base building. It ultimately proved the best salve to my original loss - a way for me to start anew, settle down somewhere else. I moved through the new progression offered, building out a space for myself and my new research team. Eventually, I turned my capitalistic eye to Mordite farming. Mordite was used to create some item that was worth a lot of money at that point, though it took so long to craft a decent amount that I ended up not following through on the idea. I put the game down, leaving my base and team to their own devices.

The Pathfinding Update brought some pretty cool vehicles to the mix, which admittedly I have never used. I barely engaged with any of the new stuff when I jumped back in post 1.2, instead picking myself up, blasting off to a new part of the galaxy, spending hours building a new home on a lush planet with only giant mantis beetles to keep me company.

Atlas Rises has probably been my favourite update yet, offering a cool weird sci-fi story to engage with, these mysterious portals to work out, a massively expanded crafting system and whole new terraforming. Booting up once more, I found my latest home was now buried under meters of rock on a barren planet. My base was inaccessible, my mantis friends now extinct.

So, I set out to find a new place to settle down. I wandered for hours, purchasing my own new freighter, finally discovering a new lush planet with absolutely no fauna. It was lonely even by No Man's Sky standards, but I didn't mind the solitude. I set out to discover all the crafting recipes, eventually building out 10 of each of the final stage products, spending hours on hours of farming, gas harvesting and mineral mining.

There was a melancholy to the interactions with the newest NPC's added for the new story of the Atlas. The tale of the lost travelers is one I enjoyed immensely, and is a great central thread for people who don't enjoy the wandering.

I'm imagining my current home will again be terraformed into something new tomorrow, forcing me to again search for a new one. Instead of feeling sorrow however, I'm excited. No Man's Sky always seems to have me discovering something cool, endless in my wandering to see what's over the horizon. I can't wait to see what's NEXT for this cool ass game.