Shamelog #036 - More Short Games Please

I wasn’t really keen on jumping into the Zelda DLC… until Austin’s story came up. Breath of the Wild - turns out, still a fantastic game.

This week, I’ve tackled a few smaller games in between Zelda sessions - dipping into Kamiko and playing through Monument Valley.

Kamiko - a cool 2D hack and slash game, quite short. The epitome of a good game to get at launch for the Switch, but given the calibre of releases now available on the system, it becomes harder to recommend. I get the feeling this is a game that is meant to be speed run, as each level is only short - the first couple took me ~10 minutes to complete, but I’m willing to bet completion of levels in a few minutes/seconds are achievable.

Monument Valley - A fantastic example of great puzzle game design specifically for mobile. I played it all through in a sitting, it was pretty engrossing. It is also absolutely beautiful on the big iPad screen. I almost wanted to spring for the extra downloadable packs it was that good.

On a tangent note, and something I will probably include as a check in each week to keep me on track - I started diving in to GameMaker Studio today. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long, and finally am biting the bullet. Like many here I imagine, I have all these ideas swirling around in my mind, which I’d love to at least try and make a reality! Completed the first tutorial today, which was fun, so... onward!


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