Shamelog #019 - Distractions & Diversions

Guys... I made a mistake.

I logged on to Runescape.

This game is an MMO that saw me through high school, then on an off for a bit after. About 6 years ago, I cancelled my membership. Apart from logging on for a night just to look at it every now then, I haven't returned since. Well, until now.

I spent a couple of days getting hooked on free play again, then it got me. In a moment of weakness, I subbed for a month of membership. All of a sudden, I've added another 40 hours to my apparent 3000 hour time with this game.

Man, this game. MMO's really do appeal to the darkest parts of ourselves, don't they? That carrot is just so fun to chase, even though it moves the second you grab for it. I'm not saying it's not rewarding - I've felt that dopamine hit a few times in the past week, as I continued to level up a few old skills and watched my money stockpile grow - but when you're dealing with a game with essentially no end, that's a dangerous proposition.

I'm swearing here and now though, this is only temporary. I've only got 1 month of membership, so I won't be sticking around. I'm going to try my best to not sink too deeply - been there, done that, not fun.

God help me when this game comes to iOS next year.

As a side note, I did actually start Far Cry Primal before I was pulled away. Controlling beasts is pretty cool, but using an owl as a drone is a bit... weird. I'm keen to play it, but man, I can see why people bounced off it - it feels just like Far Cry 3, which I played mere months ago. That sameness is ultimately what lead it to not hook me from the beginning. There are a few differences that do make me want to see it through however; not having a white bro as a main character helps. Not saying the dude you play here is great either, but hey. Small steps.


Games Left to Play: 115

Currently Playing: Far Cry Primal, Runescape