Shamelog #017 - No Man’s Order

No Man’s Sky seriously got its hooks in me guys. I'd recently heard it talked about being that “just one more thing” kind of game, like Skyrim, by Austin Walker of Waypoint - yup, it’s totally that.

The main story that Hello Games added in this last patch is real great sci-fi. For someone like me who picked it up at launch, it also has a few great nods to already existing facets - the handling of the inclusion of Nada & Polo was particularly pleasing.

This latest update really brought the wonder to me in a way that I hadn’t felt with the game before. I kind of figured out the scope and felt I’d “seen it all” on my initial 30 hours - now, even after another 30 hours of play in the new update, I still feel like the game keeps offering up surprises. And that’s fantastic.

I have also started Wolfenstein, finally. I must say - that first level is not great. Beach storming and trenches, really? Even the tutorial felt busted for me; I kept getting stuck and dying while trying to find a way out of the damn plane. Thankfully, the game picked up after that - the institute was gripping, with BJ’s inner monologue really selling it. I’m on my way through some checkpoints now, and the area is weirdly familiar to the first Goldeneye 64 level to me, in a good way.


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