Shamelog #012 - Exciting News!

As it stands now, I’m down 41 hours into Tales of Berseria. I’m keen to continue on with the adventure and see it to the end. I thought I would have by now, yet here we are. To be fair, there is a good reason for it...

My partner Loren and I are building a house!

The opportunity kind of just came up, and given that we haven’t been in this position before, we thought we’d make the most of it. Building a house unsurprisingly takes a lot of time and work, so we’ve been fairly busy with that over the past month or so. We weren’t going to be making any announcements until the contracts are properly through, but the builders ended up posting pictures of us on their social media pages in the last week (we did give them permission, just didn’t think it through) so whataya gonna do? *shrug emoji*

Anyway, that’s the go! Still am managing to get in some gaming before bed some nights, and one particular thought occurred to me this week - Tales of Berseria has a ton of voice acting. Like, more than most RPG’s. It’s great, the party characters really shine thanks in part to their acting.

Anyway the next little while might be a little light on words, but I’ll still be popping in each Sunday to update. Exciting times!



Games left to play: 117

Current game: Tales of Berseria