Shamelog #008 - Tales of Uncertainty

The Tales series has always intrigued me, but I hadn't actually dived into it until this week. It's the newest entry in the series made exclusively for PS4, it's a got a female main protagonist and, from all reports, a more mature story & characters. I've only put in about 15 hours so far, but I have.. thoughts.

- The story of this world has it's hooks in me. I've been after a good anime-ass JRPG since finishing Xenoblade Chronicles X over a year ago, and boy is this game delivering. Demonblight, moluks, playing as the "evil" characters - it's probably not to hardcore anime fans, but this kind of world feels new to me.
- Velvet is bad ass. The initial innocence of the main character despite the opening cutscene threw me, but the the next set of tragic events and her reaction to them more than make up for that. Velvet is fucking pissed, and it is 100% justified. I'm fully in on Velvet getting her revenge.
- The side characters are already quite interesting. They are mysterious in their own ways, and it's doing a good job of dolling out new tidbits from time to time and adding great characterization at nearly every turn. You really feel like a ragtag band of rogues.

- You can't take screenshots in this game. You can't bloody take screenshots in this game. I'm so pissed about that, because it does look pretty awesome at times. This is the sole reason Persona 5 isn't on my list. If I had've known this game was going to be the same, it wouldn't have ended up on this list either.
- The combat plays off as deep, but it's weirdly button mashing action? I don't know, I'm not getting it. Maybe it'll take some more time to click.
- You can't take damn screenshots!

Thankfully, the pros are outwaying the cons for the moment, so I'm going to continue on. Anyone else have experience with Tales games?


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