Shamelog #027 - A Witching Slog

For the last few weeks, I’ve spent most of the time describing just how into the world and atmosphere of The Witcher. Thanks in large part to the writing and world design, this continues to hold through right through the first four of five chapters. Usually at this point in an RPG I’m full on committed, thinking about the game non-stop though the day, eager to continue on for an hour or two each night. Yet, when I’m away from The Witcher, I still find it difficult to make myself jump in.

The most major part of The Witcher I’ve left out has been re: the gameplay. It’s not great. There, I said it. The ideas are sound - potions, oils, upgrade points - but the timed swings are just a means to an end. This far in the combat has gotten pretty grating. That plus the fact that this game kind of should be culled down a bit (the prologue and first chapter should be condensed, and the 4th chapter almost feels like it shouldn’t be there) has me looking forward to the end.

With a bit of luck, final thoughts next week!


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