The Future of Press Play Gaming

Hello everyone! So I've obviously been pretty slack when it comes to posting content up here over the past few months, but after pretty heavily playing a few great games recently, I'm feeling renewed and ready to chat about all things gaming with you. I have so many great things to talk about with quite a number of games I've been into lately!

That being said, while I have a ton of back content I'm planning to post over the next few weeks, I feel like now is the right time to bring back a series of articles that has sorely been lacking: Games Corner!

This year we are doing things a little differently in regards to Games Corner, with 3 main segments of focus. First up we have This Week's Story, where I rustle up a few paragraphs talking about (at least) one of the biggest stories of the week. Second, I'm going to take some time out to highlight something worth looking at in the gaming sphere - whether that be a particularly interesting article from across the game's industry that is worth your time, a game (new or old!) that is interesting in one way or another, a kickstarter project or even a piece of artwork that is just incredible. Lastly comes Play Time, where I talk about the games I've been playing during the week (I don't always get a chance to write about everything I play) and invite you to do the same!

Moving forward I would like to start posting one of these every Friday afternoon (Australian time) so we can have the weekend to talk about whatever it is that I've written about for the week. I'm always looking for feedback or am up for a chat about games any time, so feel free to leave comments here or on any article moving forward! You can of course also contact me on Twitter at @lawnch1. 

You can look forward to the first games corner very soon - this Friday in fact! I hope you pop by, have a read and strike up a convo.

Happy gaming!