Pokemon - A game for All


Every pokemon game in every generation has the same basic storyline. Go on a pokemon adventure, collect 8 gym badges, deal with Team Bad Guys, beat the Elite Four. So why play any more than one game?

The devs over at Gamefreak, creators of pokemon, manage to come up with a new and interesting spin on that same basic formula each time - while adding in some new interesting elements and updating old ones.

The latest game has you attempting to foil Team Aqua/Magma's plans for world destruction while becoming the number one pokemon trainer of all time. Along your journey you will discover berries that can be planted and grown, new abilities that let you soar across the entire map and land wherever you like, and secret hiding spots where you can build your own sweet little secret bases.

Pokemon isn't just a linear experience however - there are a massive variety of things to do and ways to play. You can work your way methodically through the story, collecting the strong pokemon and building a team of 'mons that are unstoppable. You can (be extremely insane and) attempt to complete the entire pokedex, collecting every single pokemon out there. You can perform any number of side activities, such as hunting down legendary pokemon, solving puzzles and exploring vast dungeons for treasure or spending hours hunting down elusive shiny pokemon.

Everyone has there own set of personal tastes. Not everyone is going to like every pokemon that they come across. Some are cute, some are ugly. They might be weak or strong. You might have a particular fascination with horses. What makes pokemon games so great is the variety available to you. With 721 (so far) to pick from, you should be able to find a team that you love.

I am, what some people may describe, a solitary person. Antisocial. Introverted. An indoors person. A vampire. While I do enjoy hanging out with friends quite a lot, I very much love my alone time - so it's no surprise that single player gaming experiences are a massive draw for me.

Pokemon does a fantastic job of filling that need to be alone with my time while simultaneously weaving great multiplayer experiences into the seams of the game. All pokemon games dating back to the originals have always given players the ability to battle each other, or trade pokemon from version to version in order to catch 'em all. In the latest versions, there is a function called the PSS - Player Search System - that allows you to battle, trade and do all sorts of random things with other players from anywhere around the world.

If you are new to the pokemon scene, or don't even play many video games at all, the Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby versions are a wonderful place to start. Fantastically, you don't need to know a thing at all about pokemon to be able to pick it up and play - the game does an excellent job of introducing you to every system and everything you can do, from how to save your game to the intricacies of battling, from the very beginning all the way to the end of the game.

Pokemon allows you to just go and have fun. It'll help you if you're new or provide you with a challenge if you're not.

Oh, and one thing is for sure - you'll always get a good laugh out of pokemon, one way or the other.