Past Projects


Pile of Shame
iOS | Android

In 2013 I created an app to keep track of the numerous games I had yet to play. The app has built in features that allow the user keep track of what they are playing, write down notes about each game, time gaming sessions and write personal reviews. I had also implemented social features, though the platform I used has since shut them down. One day I plan to update the app to streamline the process of using it efficiently and effectively.




TPDT is a simple tapping game with achievement components and facebook sharing integration. This high score game was an attempt to see if I could build a game with limitations of the development environment I had, including the use of very little assets and a week of development time.


Amiibo Stands

Mid way through 2015 I attempted to kickstart an idea for 3D printed amiibo stands. They turned out really well and look great on a shelf, but unfortunately the kickstarter did not go as well as I'd hoped. Good idea, poor execution - after a few days of being live, the kickstarter was cancelled due to serious backlash from the community. Some hard lessons were learned, but it was worth it to understand the process and experience.


Press Play



For the months of August and October I worked on and released 2 20+ page digital only gaming magazines, the idea being to sell them for $1 each. The project was a lot of fun and I'm proud of the work I did to bring the magazine together each month, but it was a hell of a lot of work for a single person to do. You can view each magazine by clicking on the images above.


2015 in Gaming

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My next project was to spend 3 months furiously writing a 120 page digital book detailing everything that had happened in 2015 in relation to video games. While I'm not 100% sure the actual book is all that great, it was a good learning curve on what it takes to write one as well as how to furiously write that many words in such a short span of time. Even if other people will never read it, for me, it's a great reminder of what happened during this phenomenal year in gaming. You can click through the link above to purchase the digital book for $3, but if you really want a copy feel free to contact me through twitter or email and I'll give you a copy for free.