Games Corner - Mar 2017

March was potentially the biggest month of the year as far as big blockbuster releases go. And we still have 9 months to go! Let's get into it.

News Blitz

The Nintendo Switch launches strong, thanks mostly to Zelda.

The launch of the Nintendo Switch turned out to be a hit, with Nintendo selling through a majority of it's initial stock in the first weekend. Nintendo touted the fact that the launch was as strong as the Wii, which, while sounding good on paper, it must be remembered that the Wii had supply issues for over a year post launch. That being said all indications are that the Switch is an at least moderate success, as this has resulted in Nintendo upping it's forecast of a planned 8 million consoles produced by the end of the year up to 16 million, with the goal of selling through 10 million by Christmas. To put this into perspective, the Wii U sold through about 13 million consoles in it's 4 year lifespan.

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever
Nintendo stock price surges as company doubles Switch production


The internet flips it's shit over Mass Effect Andromeda's animations.

Thanks to EA's early access program available on Xbox One, players keen to experience the new Mass Effect entry ASAP were treated to a sneak peek at the first 10 hours of the game prior to it's actual release. This didn't work out as planned for publisher EA or developer Bioware, as it mostly resulted in a bunch of GIF's popping up showcasing some pretty terrible facial animations. This had an unfortunate side effect of setting off a section of the internet I like to call "complete assholes", who proceeded on a witch hunt to find the "perpetrator" of these animations. The result ended up with a whole bunch of uneducated people being dicks and attacking a woman who was in fact not responsible at all for the dodgy animations.

PSA: Don't be a dick on the internet. Or in person. Or anywhere really. Just be nice.

People Are Ripping Apart Mass Effect: Andromeda's Facial Animation
Scumbags Harass Woman For Working On Mass Effect: Andromeda's Animations

Game Releases

Horizon Zero Dawn - PS4

An open world RPG which blends nomadic tribe life with robot dinosaurs. Is one of the most gorgeous games to exist. Potentially the best first party game on the PS4.

Torment: Tides of Numenera - PS4, Xbox One, PC

A spiritual successor to the much revered Planescape: Torment. Less combat and more text, this game is for computer RPG lovers who enjoy high brow philosophical discussion and questioning life.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Switch

A new direction the for most lauded game franchise in history, takes the Zelda games in a new open world sandbox format. May actually be one of the best games ever made.

1-2-Switch - Switch

A launch mini-game collection that is to the Switch as Wii Sports was to the Wii.

Super Bomberman R - Switch

A bomberman game that is a throwback to the retro games of old. More your typical "eh" launch game.

Snipperclips - Switch

A brilliant multiplayer puzzle game that will likely be missed among the months releases.

NieR: Automata - PS4, PC

A Yoko Taro game that is batshit crazy in all the best ways. Androids VS Machines. Bayonetta combat. Do not sleep on this game!

Lego Worlds - PS4, Xbox One, PC

An attempt to be Minecraft but Lego? Not sure if it really works, but hopefully will be built upon for years to come.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - PS4, Xbox One, PC

An open world shooter that is your prototypical Ubisoft game. The story is at odds with the gameplay. Best played with 3 friends.

Styx: Shards of Darkness - PS4, Xbox One, PC

A first person stealth action sequel. Pretty good if you're a Thief alum. Contains a lot of swears.

Mass Effect Andromeda - PS4, Xbox One, PC

A much hyped new entry in one of the best franchises from the 7th generation, Mass Effect is a soap opera in space. Uncover a grand galaxy spanning threat, collect a ragtag group of crew members, do some good banging with some aliens. The reception hasn't been great (facial animations are iffy, the story and characters are a step down for Bioware, the writing is not great) but the shooting is apparently fun.

Everything - PS4, PC

A game where you inhabit literally everything, from an insect to a bus to a rock to a galaxy. A very philosophical and whimsical game.

Toukiden 2 - PS4

A twist on the Monster Hunter formula. Take down monsters to get materials to craft stronger gear to take down monsters.

Mario Sports Superstars - 3DS

A collection of sports games all in one package, including tennis, soccer, baseball, gold and horseracing. The game is kinda eh, but the amiibo cards look swish as.

Games Played

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The only one I needed this month. I will be writing an article on this with my full thoughts soon. Short version: it's fucking amazing.

Worth Watching

The Good Fight

This TV show is a spin off from the brilliant Good Wife, which builds on the cleverness of the premise while leaving behind the baggage that had weighed down the show by the end. The Good Fight is possibly the greatest TV show on air right now for it's upfront scathing brutality against current world events. Please, for the love of god, watch this show.