Games Corner 09/08/15

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Big story of the week: Gamescom

The worlds biggest video game show by numbers, Gamescom, was held this week in Germany. I'll be honest, this trade show took me by complete surprise - I'm still trying to catch up on all the stuff coming out of it.

From what I've seen so far, the best parts so far seem to be:

- Mafia 3 was announced, and while I've never played the other Mafia games, this trailer looks bloody amazing.
- Fallout 4 is not going to have a level cap at all. Theoretically, you can actually play Fallout 4 forever.
- Star Wars: Battlefront includes dog fighting sections and maps. Even as a meh Star Wars fan, this looks unreal. This game is all about recreating Star Wars in video game form - I think it might actually accomplish that.
- Quantum Break for Xbox One has an all-star cast, and will ship with a full first season TV series on disc with the game, which presumably ties in to the story.
- Some gameplay footage for Unravel was released, and damn. This game. Wow.

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Rapid Fire News

Destiny - Peter Dinklage, voice of your ghost, is being ditched completely as voice over talent. Nolan North is re-recording every single line, taking up the mantle as your travel companion.

Splatoon - Splatoon has had a big update, adding in private matches, new stages, new weapons and more. Every update for Splatoon since launch has been free.

Time Magazine - Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, features this month on Time Magazine's cover. The pose and article are quite... different to what you would hope, but kind of expected coming from a more mainstream piece that most likely doesn't quite understand and maybe looks down upon gaming. Still, it happened.



Video Game Spotlight

This week we put the spotlight on Technomancer, an upcoming RPG set in the distant future, several hundred years after the colonization of Mars. The game looks a lot like a mashup of Deus Ex and Infamous, with appropriate amounts of post apocalyptic and cyberpunk.

The Technomancer is coming to us sometime in 2016 to the PS4.



Other stories on the web worth reading

No girl wins: three ways women unlearn their love of video games
Juliet talks about a discussion she had with with her 17 year old sister about women in video games and the excluding nature surrounding the medium.



Video of the week

This week we have a video from Summer Games Done Quick 2015, a bi-annual event that raises money for charity through streams of speedruns. This speedrun of the original Portal is a site to behold - with only 14:41 on the clock at completion. Insane.

Skip ahead to the 15 minute mark to start at the beginning of the run.



New game releases & DLC

Submerged - PC/PS4/Xbox One
check out my article here to read more about this open world non-combat video game.

Rare Replay - Xbox One
30 Rare games for 30 US dollars. Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Viva Pinata and so much more. Insanely good deal.

Beyond Eyes - Xbox One
An indie darling of E3 2015, this beautiful water colour palette game sees you exploring it's world as a little blind girl. Will be out on other platforms in the coming weeks/months.