Games Corner 02/08/15

It's August! It's the 8th month of the year. Think about THAT for a second. Then continue reading.


Rocket League updates incoming

The hugely popular Rocket League is getting it's first content update this month, in the form of new vehicles, game modes and trophies.

The game will also make some tweaks to the actual gameplay in an attempt to curb sore losers from dropping out of ranked matches. Some extra graphical changes will be added to the lineup, with some bug fixes rounding out the update.

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Nvidia recalls Shield tablets

If you own an Nvidia Shield tablet, this news applies to you. Nvidia has recalled all of their tablets due to a potential fire hazzard related to the battery overheating, potentially causing fires.

You can go here to find out all the information you need to return your tablet and get a replacement.

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Rapid Fire News

- Velvet Dark: a sister title to the N64 Classic Perfect Dark was planned for release.
- ZombiU: the Wii U release title is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One with the new title Zombi.
- China: China has lifted it's 15 year ban on dedicated game consoles in the Country.
- OUYA: the OUYA platform has been purchased by Razer, likely to be used as an Android gaming platform for China.
- Dragon Quest XI: Square Enix has announced the next game in the massive Dragon Quest series. It will have two entirely different versions: One for the 3DS and another for the PS4. Release date is pegged as late 2016 / early 2017.

Video Game Spotlight

This week we have an interesting first person adventure game called Cradle.

Think of Cradle as a sci-fi Gone Home type game. You begin the game with amnesia (cliche, I know) and essentially search the environment solving puzzles and investigating objects to pull the story of the game together.

Cradle is currently available on Steam.




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Video of the week

This week, College Humor brings us Every JRPG Ever. So true.



New game releases & DLC

Dream - Steam
Dream is an exploration game that takes place within the subconscious mind of Howard Phillips, a young man whose waking hours are tedious and dull, but whose dreams are lucid and powerful. Great concept, Unfortunately has been released before it is truly ready. One to keep an eye on at least.

P.T. Unofficial Recreation - PC
Farhan Qureshi, aspiring game designer, has attempted to re-create P.T. in a frame by frame look a like. I can't verify the game is completely 100% accurate, but from what I've read, it's pretty damn close. It can be downloaded free here.

Life is Strange Episode 4 - Steam/PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox 360
The penultimate episode for Life is Strange. This episode has a shocking ending, apparently.

King's Quest - Steam/PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox 360
King's Quest is an episode adventure game that draws from the original King's quest games.