Games Corner 05/07/15

Sometimes, you just gotta lay back and enjoy the sunshine. Or, you can sit inside and play games. Which is a way better option, honestly.


Your weekly Ark: Survival Evolved update

For those that haven't heard, Ark: Survival Evolved just showed up out of nowhere on Steam a few weeks ago and has been a hit with fans of the survival genre. It's basically similar to games like Rust, but with dinosaurs.

The community has been going crazy with this game, coming up with their own systems of loyalty and punishment, as well as creating their own mods for the technically unfinished game (it's still in beta.)

Check out the links below for all the info you need to know.

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The nVidia Shield TV just got a whole lot better

NVidia have been had at work over the passed few years on their own interesting takes on gaming hardware - first with the Shield portable (a handheld gaming device) the Shield tablet and the Shield TV (set top box device). All of these devices run stock android, with the more interesting nVidia features such as GRID gaming (game streaming service) bundled in. Each device has the best hardware out there when it comes to android devices.

The guys behind the dolphin emulator, an emulator that can play GameCube and Wii games on the PC, have announced that they've been able to use optimize the emulator for use on one specific android device - the Shield TV. Yes, you can now play old school GameCube games on your TV without actually pulling out your old school GameCube.

The nVidia devices are interesting and fun toys for those with higher end PC's and a love for gadgets - this added emulator gives the Shield TV yet another reason to consider the purchase.

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The Playstation Nintendo console surfaces

Take this one with a helping of salt folks, but if these pictures are to be believed, one of the original 200 or so prototypes for the fabled Nintendo-Sony crossover has seen the light of day.

Back in the days of the pre-N64 era, Nintendo had commissioned Sony to create a disc based add on for the SNES in order to expand the capacity for the games on the system. The partnership ended however, and while Nintendo's next console still bore the famous cartridges, Sony announced a defining new console (and the results of all the RND Sony had done for Nintendo) - the Playstation.

In a story of "my Dad's friend who worked at Nintendo found this" kind of deal, these pictures showed up out of the blue. they could be an elaborate hoax, but they do look like the real deal. No idea on if it even works, but it really makes you wonder - how wold the console as we know it today look if Sony and Nintendo had've actually followed through?

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New game releases & DLC

NotGTAV - Steam
NotGTAV is most definitely not GTA V. it is, in fact, a (hilarious) game akin to the original mobile title Snake. Since release, the game has been on sale for $0.74 US. Worth it for a laugh.

Her Story - PC/Mac/iOS
In the blockbuster titles of last week, we missed out on this little indie gem. An interesting detective like puzzle game where you must use key words to look through a compilation of video recordings of an interrogation of a woman regarding the death of her husband.