Games Corner 19/07/15

Dry July marches on, but the gaming world continues to spin. This week - games break and are still broken, and the gaming industry loses a great man.


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passes away at age 55

One of the greatest CEO's of a gaming company and all around good person of the world, Nintendo's Satoru Iwata, sadly passed away last weekend due to a blocked bile duct.

Satoru Iwata started from humble beginnings as a programmer at a Nintendo based 1st party studio, and proceeded to become the fourth CEO of Nintendo in it's 125+ year history. He presided for 12 years, and saw the company through it's golden ages of the DS and the Wii.

Satoru Iwata embodied the values Nintendo held as a video game company in a way that no one could - always putting fun first. One of his more famous quotes: "On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer."

He was taken to early from the world, and will be sorely missed by the industry as a whole.

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Tip: In Memory Of Satoru Iwata, Add His Mii To Your Mii Plaza


Batman Arkham Knight's PC re-release is likely a ways off

This ain't no easy fix.

Batman Arkham Knight for PC continues to suffer as WB works around the clock to get the game to what it should have been at release, but progress appears slow.

In a leaked internal email from EB games, retailers are sending their physical stock back to WB, as the game isn't expected to be truly fixed until "Spring". thats still 2-5 months worth of development on a game that should have been ready last month - or at least delayed properly until the issues were dealt with.

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League of Legends bug causes massive chaos, forces Riot to take ranked matches offline while they deal with it

LoL was hit with a serious bug in it's most recent patch, allowing any player at any time to installing use the recall spell - meaning they could teleport back to their own base at will. This usually takes a few seconds to accomplish - in which those seconds are extremely important in the middle of a match.

Riot had to take the entire mode down while it works on a fix, essentially leaving the game completely unplayable for the duration of the fix.

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Video of the week

Rocket League has taken the gaming world by storm - and thanks to that, some amazing goal shots have been popping up all around the web. This long shot has to be one of the best.

If you haven't picked up this game yet, it's available on Steam and PS4, with PS+ subscribers getting it free this month.


New game releases & DLC

Niko: Through The Dream - Steam
A light indie puzzle platformer with a nice aesthetic. Beautiful world and a decent chunk of gameplay for the asking price of $10.

God of War III Remastered - PS4
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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - PS4
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