Making your own game: part 2 - Humble Game Making Bundle

The Humble Bundle is often a place to find sweet deals on groups of fantastic games, whether it be groups of indie titles or big blockbusters. There are also other bundles often up for grabs in the form of books or comics. They even have their own online store - just like Steam - that often has sales on fantastic games. This week however, they are doing something a little different.

Humble Bundle presents: the Humble Game Making Bundle.


If you've ever dabbled in the idea of making your own video game, you'll know that there are a ton of options out there for you to chose from when it comes to programs, programming languages, art assets, music, engines... it can really be tough to know where to start. Humble has put together a large but manageable set of tools and assets together to help you find your groove.

The best part about any humble bundle is that you can pay whatever you want. There are typically tiers set: one lot for the minimum (fairly sure it's $1), the next is beat the average, with the final being a set price. In this particular case, $12 will net you absolutely everything in the bundle. Pretty insane when you can see that the final value of everything in the bundle exceeds $2,500.

OK, so I lied about that being the best part. Even when you take into account that you can get so much for so little, however much you do pay can be funneled into your choice of charity: Extra Life (Children Miracle Network Hospitals), the IndieCade Foundation and/or Child's Play. These charities are all about helping the less fortunate or those in need by providing them the chance at a happiness that only games can provide - a more than worthy cause. You can also allocate dollars to the devs of the products and Humble themselves (lets be honest - everyone involved in the making of this bundle deserves a nice tip.)

Let's check it all out.



Before you even begin to start work on the great game ideas you have floating around in our head, you'll need a game engine to build them in. While some big engines such as Unity and Unreal 4 are now available for next to nothing to the general public, Humble offers a few different options that offer a different variety of toolsets.

Game Guru - Don't know a thing about creating 3D art or programming? This engine boasts the ability to quickly create playable game worlds with in built assets and workable game logic that doesn't require any programming skill.

AFGPRO 3.0 - AFG Pro is designed to offer creators an easy way to build out game worlds scult terrain and design levels quickly and effectively. This game engine can also export it's products to Unity, should you prefer to build out the world and then program logic elsewhere.

RPG Maker - This bundle offers up 4 90% off coupons for the user to use to purchase any of the RPG Maker programs through Steam. If you loved old JRPG's such as Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger and are after a way to make a game in a similar vein, these are the engines for you. Even better, the bundle comes with a free copy of the latest version of RPG Maker - RPG Maker VX Ace Deluxe Edition!

Stencyl Indie Edition - a drag and drop style program that allows creators to make 2D games for Windows, Mac, Linux and Flash. The logic is built using a similar system to Scratch by MIT - simply drag and drop blocks that fit together to code the logic of each asset, much like puzzle pieces. The bundle includes a 1 year subscription to the Stencyl service, and an optional upgrade can even be purchased to export your games to iOS and Android.

Playcanvas 3 month Pro 5 subscription - Build 3D environments for web and mobile using webGL and Javascript with this powerful tool. This tool even has Oculus support built in.

App game Kit 2 - A multi platform engine that uses C++ as its code base, this engine can be used to create games and deploy them rapidly for testing to your iOS, Android, Windows or Mac devices.


Helpful Tools

When you've finally decided on an engine, you may need a few other tools to help you build art assets, animate objects or create characters.

Game Character Hub - This program is a great little program for creating characters for 2D pixel games like the ones created with RPG Maker. Use this program to easily generate and customize characters to your liking.

Pro Motion 6.5 - For use in creating images, tile maps and most importantly, animations. Ideal for creating pixel perfect animations.

Spriter Pro - Spriter Pro can be used to create 2D animations easily regardless of experience. Animate pictures as they are, or create a skeletal structure to animate from within the program.

Sprite Lamp - Use this program to edit the lighting across your images and characters throughout your game world.


DLC Packs

If you are into the idea of making your game but don't have an artistic bone in your body, having some assets to play around with sure comes in handy.

Humble Bundle DLC Starter Pack - The first bundle in a bundle contains a whole bunch of assets for RPG Maker, including:
Adventure environments: a whole bunch of RPG Maker tiles such as houses, plants and money
Fantasy starter pack: five fantasy music tracks
Sci-fi visual novel pack: backgrounds that can be used to create your own visual novels
Tyler Warren Battler starter pack: a bunch of monster images
Classic school tiles: a bunch of tile assets of school based items, such as desks and bookshelves
Evil castle tiles: a bunch of tilesets that can be used to create castles
Inspirational music: great for sci-fi or steampunk style worlds
Old school modern pack: a pack of generic old school tiles, characters and artwork


Humble Bundle Sci-Fi DLC Pack - this pack contains a bunch of stuff for creating your own out of this world game.
Shmup enemy sprites pack: bosses, enemies and shots for creating a space shooter
Sci-fi textures pack: assets for creating environmental elements in a sci-fi setting (RPG Maker)
Sci-fi containers: boxes for placing in your environments (3D assets)
Sci-fi landscape construction kit: 2D assets that fit together to make a sci-fi world
Game Guru mega pack 1: 530+ assets for the Game Guru engine
Game Guru buildings: over 50 buildings compatible with Game Guru
Drone Kombat: a fast paced action FPS that you create your maps on the fly with for AFG Pro.
Space music tracks: 10 music loops that can be used in space shooters.
Sci-fi tiles: machinery, metal and futuristic lights for RPG Maker
Sci-fi-battle backgrounds: collection of lovely artwork for backgrounds of sci-fi battles, or even just to use as screensavers
Inspirational Vol. 3: ambient music pack with female vocals.
Futuristic atmospheres: 15 ambient music tracks for space environments


Humble Bundle New DLC Pack - another general bundle of asset goodness! This pack also includes $10 of Game Dev Fort Store Credit (expires October 21, 2015)!
Cyberpunk music pack: 90s sci-fi music
Pirate ship tiles: RPG Maker tile sets in the form of sea fairing vessels
Sci-fi battler pack: images of enemies to be used in a sci-fi setting
Rebel Rapture: A music pack ranging from epic to spiritual music.
Madness music: intense and evil background/battle music
Casino tiles: RPG Maker tile sets for gambling sprites
PV Games horror: pictures of horrific enemies to battle with
PV Games dragons: as above, but dragons.
PV Games fantasy monsters: as above, but fantasy creatures.
Horror city: RPG Maker tiles for a horror laboratory
Ben Carr future towns: 8 futuristic town music tracks
Sci-fi and romance: music tracks for sci-fi and romantic settings
Kairi Sawler Exclusive: 10 music tracks for futuristic projects


Humble Bundle Fantasy DLC Pack - Everything you could possibly need to create your own grand fantasy adventure.
101 potions pack: 99 potion (they lied) and 2 cauldron sprites.
Gems pack: gem sprites.
16 bit pixel monsters: a pack of artwork of 10 monsters to battle against.
RPG game UI set HD: a graphical user interface to create RPGs, including interactive elements and animation possibilities.
Top down dungeon building set: 3D level design textures and objects for creating dungeons.
Game Guru mega pack 3: a whole bunch of 400+ assets to be used with Game Guru.
Game Guru fantasy pack: Aztec jungle assets for Game Guru. Ideal for 3rd person games.
Voxel Scult for AGF: a DLC pack for creating voxel based objects for AGF Pro.
Arabian nights: a desert city style tile set for RPG maker.
Rural farm tiles: a farming tile set for RPG Maker.
High fantasy resource bundle mega pack: backgrounds, battlers, sprites, overlays and more from a high fantasy setting.
Tarot card monster battle pack: over 90 tarot card style drawn monsters.
RPG battlers: slimes, dragons and more in this artwork set for battle monsters.
Wild West pack: tile set for RPG Maker of the wild west.
Royal tiles: RPG Maker tiles for creating regal settings.
Dungeons and volcanoes: tiles for RPG Maker of dangerous settings such as caves.
Light hearted RPG vendor soundtrack: 5 classic JRPG music tracks
Axis premium: more tools to bolt on to AFG Pro.


Humble Bundle Modern DLC Pack - All new modern stuff for your game creating needs.

Humble Bundle Exclusive DLC Pack - A bunch of assets, music and artwork created exclusively for this Humbe Bundle! once the bundle is done, this stuff will be gone for good.


Games to Play!

Rounding out the bundle are several games made using the very programs this bundle includes for you tocheck out and use as inspiration for your own creations.

Last Word - an RPG where you use words to battle your opponents.

Remnants of Isolation - an RPG set in a world of magic where you can fuse spells together to create all sorts of abilities.

Labyrinthine Dreams - the story of Beth, a woman who going through her memories in her final hours of life.

Aveyond: Lord of Twilight - the first installment of a 4 part epic fantasy tale series.

Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION - a crazy Shmup with plenty of variety.

Whisper Of A Rose - a misunderstood girl excapes to a world of imagination in this epic fantasy story.

Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly (50% off coupon) - an adventure game about making adventure games.

Goats On A Bridge - a crazy platformer that adapts the three billy goats gruff tale into a video game.

Mibiblis Quest - a crazy old school game with a good sense of humor. Includes over 7 bits.



Phew. That's a lot of stuff for a little over a Big Mac meal.

So if you're in the mindset of maybe coming up with your own creation, this Humble Bundle will be running for the next week or so. Get on it!