Games Corner 12/07/15

It's the driest month of the year for gaming releases, but there's still plenty of interesting things happening. Let's check it out.


Baldurs Gate Expansion coming 17 years later

With the smash hits of Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin showing that there is still a large market for CRPG's out there, it comes as no real surprise that one of the original fantasy CRPG's is getting whole new content.

Not much was announced about the expansion, other than the timeline will be set between Baldurs gate 1 & 2. It will be available for PC/Mac/Linux "soon", with the expansion coming to iOS and Android later this year.

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Amiibo collecting continues to get murky with Dark Edition Variants on the Superchargers skylanders/amiibo crossover figures

For those into collecting every amiibo out there, the big question is: where do you draw the line?

When Activision's partnership with Nintendo was announced in the form of 2 amiibo/skylander variants of Bowser and Donkey Kong for the upcoming Skylanders: Superchargers, some fans were quick to dismiss these figures as "not real amiibo". The waters continued to darken as details came to light about the fact that these figures would only be available in the game starter packs - one with the Wii U version, and the other with the 3DS & Wii versions.

To make matters even more complicated, Activision are releasing "dark" variants on both new skymiibos... which are both only available in their own respective starter packs. That means that if you are looking to get a real true completeset of amiibo, you will need to purchase four copies of the game.

Is this giving fans choice, or a shameless cash grab? It'll be interesting to see how many of these actually sell, and how many will be in the bargain bin in 12 months time.

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Hello games releases 18 minutes of No Man's Sky gameplay

Please excuse the lack of info here, but I'm deliberately trying to avoid finding out anything to do with this game prior to release because I'm so looking forward to this game.

For those that do want to know more about the game, here is an 18 minute demo showing off some features that the game has.

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Video of the week

This week we're adding a new fixture to the Games Corner roundup - video of the week. If you see any fantastic videos through the week, send them in!

This week we have the most insane perfect stunt performed in GTA V you'll ever see.


New game releases & DLC

The Magic Circle - Steam
A game about finishing a game to ship. Seems like an interesting twist on the first person puzzle genre.If you're on the edge with this one, there's a free demo you can check out.

Rocket League - Steam
driving + soccer = blast of a game. Good old multiplayer mayhem fun.

F1 2015 - PC/PS4/Xbox One
If you're into F1 racing sims, this will be right up your alley.