CGTJ: The Kotaku Review

Many will try. Most will fail. One will succeed. This is CGTJ.

Before we begin, spoiler alert: if you don't want to know how CGTJ ends, stop reading now. We are going deep into this game, way passed the point of no return. Your perception will change forever if you read on – the glass will forever remain shattered.


CGTJ is a video game unlike anything I've ever experienced in my lifetime. More than just a simple simulator, playing through CGTJ feels almost like a second life experience – an alternate version of reality, if you will. After CGTJ, experiencing life in any other way would feel... less so.

Opening the story is a young man at the age of 24, living in a small town in the middle of nowhere, performing a dull 9-5 job, paying the bills, living comfortably. The life is a decent one, one without much worry, hassle... or excitement. At night however, when the job is done and the sun is setting, is when the real game begins.

Let's call this man Chris. Chris is an interesting fellow, who has a deep passion for all things gaming. His being has been fashioned out of his experiences surrounding gaming – from the early love of his first console, the Nintendo 64, to an empire of gaming spanning devices, companies and generations, both handheld and console. And then there's the crown jewel of them all – the PC.

Chris, you see, is a bit of a tech nerd as well. He loves keeping up with the latest out of the biggest tech giants and small startups; but the pinnacle of that love is the PC. Built from the ground up all by his hand, Chris' PC is a testament to PC knowledge and understanding. And what do you do with a powerful self-built PC? Why, play video games, of course!

“All this information about the main character is great and all, but what do you do in the game?” I hear you ask. Well, quite a lot, actually.

A large part of the game involves writing out articles about video games, gaming experiences and gaming culture on a website called Every article is representative of an understanding of gaming at a level not usually found in every other person – you'll need your wits about you for this!

Some sections of the game involve watching and understanding Let's Plays from the biggest names on Youtube, livestreams on Twitch and eSports competitions worldwide. Not a tough part of the game at all really – Chris is more than capable in this area.

Image manipulation using programs such as Photoshop are also involved – luckily this won't be a problem here, as Chris' Cert III in Graphic Design demonstrates his capabilities with a range of image editing platforms, including Photoshop - with extras such as Illustrator, InDesign and more included in the collectors edition... which you get for free! No paid DLC needed.

The crux of it all comes down to your ability to manage time, work hard and produce results. Do I have a surprise for you! Chris' experience in other industries ensures this won't be a problem at all. From physical production work, to demanding time sensitive tasks to managerial positions, everything is covered. No need to sweat this stuff.


Playing through CGTJ, you won't just be consuming a general narrative – learning is key to certain areas of the game. I'm happy to report that I was easily able to work my way through these areas – I'm always keen to learn more and upgrade my skills at any time. Adapting to situations that arise are my specialty.

CGTJ even has amiibo support – possibly the best I have seen from any game across any genre. Tap any amiibo to the gamepad to learn an extensive knowledge of everything amiibo related – from what games are compatible, to what each amiibo does in a particular game, to the various release dates worldwide. If you're lucky, the amiibo might even link you to the Ultimate Amiibo Collector Sheet – a sight to behold, and a treasure indeed. Though it isn't required, strong knowledge of amiibo is a real plus.

Your goal in CGTJ is, of course to get Chris the job. Through hard work, dedication and a bit of creativity, Chris might just make it.


Overall, my time with CGTJ has been and will continue to be well spent. I can definitely say this game is well worth your time. It will give you back way more than you put in, and make you glad you made the decision to go with it.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that Chris Gets The Job is and will be a life changing experience – something that I once only ever dreamed possible, but now could be a reality.

CGTJ is a worthy first impression for a blooming franchise. I hear a sequel is in the works however, which will reportedly be triple the scope of the original, will include open world exploration, with a higher difficulty, and is being developed by Kotaku Studios... I'm sure Chris' next adventure will be a bright and interesting one indeed.