E3 Week 2015 - PC Gaming Show!

Thanks to a whole slew of companies including Microsoft, PC Gamer and AMD, the PC got it's first ever PC gaming show this year at E3. While it wasn't a big press conference in the way that other companies held, it was a great representation of things that are important to PC gamers.

The show was set up as a series of interviews with each developer/publisher/hardware manufacturer, with a few new announcements thrown in for good measure. Let's drill down the list of everything that happened at the very first PC gamer show.


Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive were first out on stage to talk about their upcoming title, Killing Floor 2. The game is a gory as hell shooter currently in early access.

The team have learned a lot from passed experiences, including not messing with core mechanics from previous games, and the importance of communication with fans. The team is currently working on a new bunch of stuff titled the "Incinerate N Detonate" pack.

At the end of the talk, Tripwire announced another upcoming game - Rising Storm 2.


Star Citizen

Unfortunately the devs behind the most crowdfunded game in history couldn't make it to E3 this year, but there was a short video thanking fans for their support and showing off some mo-cap stuff in action. The game has raised over $84 million to date.



AMD actually had two short presentations - the first one talking a bit in general about what AMD is doing to support PC gaming and to push the message that AMD really is all about the gamers.

They also talked about how VR needs a lot of power behind the card, and the maximum time output can take is one 90th of a second. Direct X 12 also got plenty of mentions (both with AMD and throughout the entire show) as it will really open up what is possible with VGA's in the future - for example the ability to make better use of all cores on a GPU to get the best value out of your card.


Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The guys behind the upcoming Deus Ex game made their PC gameshow debut to talk about the details the PC can enhance with newest title. They talked about how they are able to add much more detail on screen, such as a heap of clutter, and were also able to show a bit of gameplay footage was also shown, demonstrating the extra cucumbers you can get in an area (there was actually a food stall absolutely full of cucumbers on screen.)


Total War Warhammer

The Total War series is usually rooted in actual history, so the chance for the team to create a fantasy universe is a great opportunity. You will actually be able to embed heroes into armies, allowing them to fight alongside the troops.

We also now have permission to call the game Total Warhammer, if you prefer it that way.



Head of Xbox Phil Spencer came on stage for the next 3 games that are cross platform between Xbox One and Windows 10. He admitted that in the past Microsoft had lost their way when it comes to gaming, but they are working to get back to whats important with Windows 10. He also announced that Killer Instinct will be coming to PC with cross platform play.


Fable Legends

Fable Legends will be free to play, as well as being cross platform play across Xbox One and Windows 10. The reason the game is F2P is so that players can come and check out if they actually like it. Microsoft will be supporting this game for years after launch, and will be putting out new (presumably paid) content all the time in the form of quests, areas, characters etc.


Gigantic is indeed a 5v5 MOBA style game, that takes elements from 3rd person shooters and strategy titles and mashes it in to the game. The aim is to take out the opponents guardian, while protecting your own - those guardians are AI controlled and can be devastating on the field. The team is aiming to make different characters for different styles of play, such as ones that base on aiming like shooters or some that base in strategy and AoE kinds of attacks.

A closed beta will be available in august with an open beta later in the year.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

The Gears 1 remake is also coming to PC, and making full use of what the PC has to offer. The game will be available in 4K with an unlimited refresh rate as well as having controller support. Rod Fergusson, the guy talking about the remake, talked about how it is difficult to walk the line between nostalgia and more modern game design, believing that the team has done a good job of updating the game while still hanging on to what made the first one such a fan favourite.

American Truck Simulator

Eurotruck Simulator is getting a sequel of sorts - American Truck Simulator will actually let you drive all around the US. The game was made using Google Maps, so that's cool.

Eve Valkyrie

The devs behind Eve Valkyrie talked a bit about the difficulties of getting VR out there, saying that once you actually get in it and get it, you understand. Eve Valkyrie was built exclusively for VR. The devs also mentioned that Online and Valkyrie are completely separate experiences, and will not connect or affect each other.


Dean Hall, creator of Day Z, was next up to talk about his upcoming game Ion.

First up Dean talked about the advantages and challenges of early access, saying the best way to do it is to have a really good core and then build out from there, which is what they are aiming for with Ion.

Ion is not going to be like Star Citizen, Eve Valkyrie or Elite Dangerous. The game involves space stations. Players will get there own regions, and is a 3D environment, but viewed in the same style as Diablo - not quite isometric but with an offset camera.

We still don't really have much idea what this game actually is yet, but Dean said the best bug they've found so far is that at one point, when players clicked on other players bodies, all of their organs would fall out - this wasn't much good for the other players, as if the brain falls out you wouldn't be able to do anything at all.


One of the indie successors of Kickstarter, Strafe is a procedurally generated shooter in the same vein as old school Doom and Quake. You will have a base set of weapons, while others will be pickups that have limited use, such as a rocket launcher. Your default weapons level up over time, allowing for upgrades and customization.

Pillars of Eternity - The White March

Pillars is getting an expansion, which will introduce new areas, more companions, soul bound weapons and higher level caps. The team at Obsidian are partnering with Paradox for future endeavors. Pillars was actually made within the budget of the Kickstarter plus about $1 million in other

Planet Coaster

The guys behind Elite dangerous are still hard at work producing content for that game, but are also building a whole different type of game coming to PC 2016, available for preorder now - Planter Coaster, a game in the same vein as roller coaster tycoon. The trailer was pretty sweet.


Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns

The Heart of Thorns expansion coming for Guild Wars 2 is a massive one. Part of the expansion is the guild hall. This guild hall is a place that your guild needs to conquer first, much like a dungeon, and then build up together. Building up different areas and buildings give new bonuses and content, such as the arena which you can customize and fight in.

The devs are also adding in new world leader boards, for competing against everyone worldwide to see who is the best of them all. The new expansion is available for pre-purchase now, and doing so will guarantee a spot in the upcoming beta's for the expansion.



Much of what was talked about at the Square Enix conference was also mentioned here, explaining that the game will essentially start out basic and build out over time. The technology behind PC's allows for such great crowds and simulations, increasing the possibilities in such a large way.


AMD Part 2

The CEO of AMD, Lisa Su, came on stage to formally announce the new line of cards released - that's 9 new graphics cards. The company showed off it's new flagship, the R9 Fury X, as well as the R9 Nano - a tiny (by comparison) card that can run 4K.

The company also showed off the first ever dual VG Video card, which runs in a new weird looking but stylish PC.



ARMA 3 - Tanoa

ARMA is getting a tropical expansion that will add new maps that involve jungles and beaches, affectionately regarded as "green hell". The expansion will come some time in 2016.


Beyond Eyes

The creator of the beautiful looking Beyond Eyes came on stage and talked about the process of developing this interesting title. In this game you explore the world without sight, and see things as the little girl imagines them to be. Audio is a big part of this game.

When the creators were testing this game in college, they would offer a free cupcake to those who come in and listened to sounds, smelled things and felt objects and reported on what they thought those things were. I wish I went to college with this Lady. Be testing erryday.


Dirty Bomb

A new shooter that's been the top of twitch lately, Dirt bomb is a shoter that pokes fun at military shooters and looks like a bunch of fun. It's available on Steam to play for free right now.



The creators of Gone Home are creating this interesting first person exploration game which takes place on a space station. having zero gravity allows for many more possibilities for exploration.



The creators of Amnesia are back with another Horror story for you in the form of SOMA. The game takes place underwater, and looks like a whole lot of NOPE GET ME OUT OF HERE. If you dare, the game will be available September 22nd on PS4 and PC.


Day Z

Day Z has been in early access for 18 months now. The team is coming up to its proper feature release and beta later this year. They plan on having full Steam workshop support, a single player option and will be providing players with the tools to make their own private servers.


Take on Mars

The creators of Day Z are also working on another game, called Take on Mars. The game will be a space sim exploration game, will have real life locations, a multiplayer survival mode and is available on early access, with a beta coming soon.


Project Bluestreak

A Sci-fi shooter that looks to be a middle point between the generic browns of Counter Strike and the bright colours of Gigantic. The studio behind this title is headed by Cliff Bezinski.


Enter the Gungeon

A bullethell shmup crossed with a dungeon crawler. Looks like a ton of fun. The art style looks similar to towerfall or maybe Titan Souls. There are over 200 weapons available and each play through and even every room is procedurally generated.


Heroes of the Storm & Starcraft Legacy of the Void

Blizzard were second last on stage to talk about two of their franchises, Heroes of the Storm & Starcraft Legacy of the Void. Heroes of the storm will be getting it's first expansion on June 30, bringing the Diablo world into Heroes. Starcraft 2's final expansion Legacy of the Void will close the story on the characters of the franchise - with a set of "prologue missions", which are available now, linking the last expansion to the next one. these missions are totally free to anyone, and are titled Whispers of Oblivion.


No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky will be coming out soon, and when it does, it will be coming to PC the same time as it is PS4. There are only 10 people behind this incredible game. In order to play test the game, the team designed bots to go out and collect data to figure out if it all actually works.


There you have it!

And that wraps up the PC Games Show, and with it, E3's press coverage!


There will still be 2 or 3 more articles to come out of E3 in the following week or so, but apart from that, this is the last of the major conferences and shows for E3. thanks for sticking with me through this coverage, I hope you've learned a lot and have enjoyed it!