E3 Week 2015 - EA Press Conference!

EA's press conference was full of everything you'd expect from them - and a little bit more. Let's see what we have.


Big Blockbusters

Mass Effect Andromeda

Everyone's favourite shop on the citadel is not back, BUT, Mass Effect is. EA opened the show with a trailer for the next Mass Effect game in the franchise, with the title Andromeda.

Not much real info was given, but the game will be set in a time many years after the events of the original trilogy, and will be set in a galaxy far away from where Sheppard became a legend.

Need For Speed

After taking a hiatus last year, NFS is back in a big way with it's very own full reboot. Simply titled Need For Speed, this new title draws inspiration from all the titles across the franchise, offering a street racing game with the all the classics - night driving, neon, car customization and of course, cops.

The game is set in Ventura Bay, where your goal is to become the most legendary street racer. It will feature, and I quote, "heroes of today's car culture", full motion video, the richest customization ever seen in the franchise and runs on the ever popular frostbite engine.

How well you do in your play is measured through 5 key stats - speed, style, build, crew and outlaw. Honestly, the game looks so cheesy, but (hopefully) in a good way - and the game knows it.

Need For Speed will be available in all it's cheese glory on November 3rd.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Bioware's Star Wars MMO is gietting it's first major expansion, the Knights of the Fallen Empire. The devs have been listening to fans feedback about the main game and have taken a lot on board to deliver what will hopefully be a rich, classic Bioware story with tough choices, interesting companions and new worlds to explore.

The expansion will be free for all subscribers to the Old Republic, and will be available October 27th 2015.

Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2

The next game in the PVZ GW franchise flips everything you know on it's head - the zombies have taken over the town, now aptly named Zomburbia, and the plants are on the attack.

Play as a number of interesting and different classes as the zombies, defending against the plant invasion. The new game will add some of the most requested features to date - the ability to play a co-op mode with friends, as well as a solo or couch split screen for all game modes.

The game will give you a whole lot more for your money this time around - if you have the first game, you will be able to transfer many of the characters you've unlocked, and EA is promising free content updates post launch. The game will be out in the late first half of 2016.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Faith is back in a next gen version of cult classic Mirrors Edge. The game won't be a reboot, prequel or sequel - this game is an origin story of Faith, and follows her development from teen to hero.

The game will be open world, allowing you to go where ever you want and do whatever you want. In this world, Faith will not need any guns to deal with the oppressors - in fact, she will not be able to pick up any guns at all. Free running is her weapon.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst will be out Feb 23, 2015.

Star Wars Battlefront

The biggest star of the show, Star Wars battlefront got an exclusive multiplayer demo shown live during the conference - and for Star Wars fans, this is going to be huge.

The game essentially replicates everything you know and love from the original trilogy, using actual locations, battles and even replicating assets down to the most minute detail. The sounds are exactly the same and everything looks just like it did in the movies.

The game will feature an array of modes, including full on 40 player battles, right down to smaller 8 player matches, as well as the ability to play as a commander - in other words, actually play as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. Even if you aren't a Star Wars fan, that is pretty epic.

Don't worry fans, the wait isn't much longer - Star Wars Battlefront will be out November 17th this year. Check out the epic gameplay captured on an actual PS4 in the video below.


Mobile Offerings

EA took a little time out of it's briefing to show what it has to offer to its fans on mobile.

Star Wars Galaxy Heroes

A new collectible card game will soon be released by EA in the Star Wars space for mobile devices. The game will cover all the characters you know and love, spanning the entire galaxy - from all of the movies right over to the clone wars.

Minions Paradise

EA has released a new builder game set in the Minions franchise. In this game, you play as Phil, the minion that every other minion hates, and you must win back their approval by building a resort on your very own deserted island. The game boasts a "blank canvas" allowing you to build whatever you want, however you want.


Sports Titles

Being the top sports game producer, EA of course had plenty to show when it comes to their sports lineup for 2016.

NHL 2016

Your favourite ice hockey game will be getting a new game, with upgrades to allow for more control and precision.

Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour 2016

The new face of golf, Rory Mcilroy will be starring in the new PGA Tour game for 2016. The game will be out July 14th.

NBA Live 16

NBA Live builds on it's strengths from last year, bringing a new app to mobile to put you right in the game, titled Game Face HD. The Hoop Gawd came on stage to demo the app and show off its capabilities.

The new NBA will allow you to customize your outfit outside the game, to "up your swag".

Upgrades to the game include a new shot system, new animations and new passing. NBA live 16 will be out September 29.

Madden NFL 16

Madden NFL 16 will be adding a new feature called Draft Champions, in which you create your own all star draft teams and take them online to compete to see how you do. This mode is inspired by the popularity of fantasy football.

In game, the quarterback, receiver and defender are all getting overhauls and upgrades as well.


This particular presentation was pretty special - EA brought FIFA legend Pele on stage to do a quick interview and talk about The Beautiful Game.

EA announced a few upgrades to the upcoming FIFA, with innovation in defense, midfield and attack, a new system to help players get better to compete at a higher level and the addition of Women's teams to the game.

Even if you aren't into soccer or even sports in general (like me) this interview is a very special one, and worth your time to watch.


A Big Surprise

In what was potentially the greatest part of the entire show, EA brought Martin Sahlin on stage to talk about his new game, Unravel.

The story behind this game, the presentation, the excitement and passion behind the Martin's presentation, not to mention the game itself that looks absolutely amazing... I have so much to say about this game already, but I'll save that for a later article. For now, if there's any video you should watch from E3, this is it.


Wrapping it up

In the final part of the show, EA announced a website where you can check out everything from the show, as well as keep up to date with everything EA is working on at www.livetoplay.ea.com .

And that's a wrap for EA! A solid lineup of big titles, all the sports games you know and love as well as a little surprise that looks and sounds amazing.


We're nearly there! Stay tuned for the last conference, everything PC!