E3 Week 2015 - Nintendo Part 2!

Nintendo is up next on the announcement train - let's see what they had to offer this time around for their annual E3 Nintendo Direct.

Classic Nintendo Weirdness

Nintendo opened up their show in a way only Nintendo could - with muppet versions of Satoru Iwata, Regie Fils-amie and Shigeru Miyamoto.

The badassery that was the Nintendo Muppet Trio took the stage in spectactular fashion to kick off the show, announcing their first and biggest title of the stream.

Star Fox Zero

Previously announced title Star Fox has become Star Fox Zero - and with that announcement came a whole slew of interesting info about the game.

In classic Star Fox style, the game sees you flying around in space in your arwing, taking down enemies and performing sweet stunts. In this game however, your arwing is more than just a ship - it can transform into a walking mech, a tank, a helicopter and who knows how many other vehicles of destruction.

The game was built with the gamepad in mind, so you are able to quickly move around in game using the gyro inside the pad. The game will show in first person on the gamepad screen and the more traditional 3rd person on your TV.

Star Fox Zero will be available in time for the holiday season this year.


Super Mario Maker

As previously announced, Mario Maker has had a bit of a name change, adding in the traditional "Super". While plenty of old stuff we already knew was talked about with this game, Nintendo also talked about some things that would only be general knowledge to those familiar with development about the Super Mario series.

In the old days, when digital building of video games was a much tougher process, side-scrolling Mario games were designed on graph paper. Any changes that were to be made in a game were drawn on see-through paper overlaid on top of the original.

This game essentially takes that theory and puts it in a digital form, allowing players to create any kind of Super Mario level they like.

The game will be available as a bundle deal, featuring a design booklet and a special 8-bit Mario amiibo, as previously leaked and can be seen here.

It is worth mentioning that the game will also feature regular amiibo support for some characters - tap an amiibo to turn the Mario sprite into the tapped character! For example, if you tap a Wii Fit Trainer, a little trainer will pop up on screen to be guided through your nightmare creations.

Super Mario Maker will be out September 11, 2015.


Skylanders Superchargers

In a surprising announcement, Nintendo has partnered with Activision to announce amiibo support for the upcoming Skylanders game! In a fashion, anyway.

Skylanders players on Wii U will get access to two exclusive skylander figures: Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser. These figures have a rotatable base, allowing them to turn into amiibo! Each figure also has a vehicle - the Barrel Blaster for DK and the Clown Cruiser for Bowser.


Zelda Triforce Heroes 3DS

While Nintendo came out and stated it wouldn't be talking Zelda Wii U this year, they never said anything about the 3DS. Coming Q1 2016, this new title harkens back to Zelda Four Swords, in that it is a multiplayer experience - albeit 3 people instead of 4.

You will be able to crawl through dungeons with up to 2 friends through this Zelda experience, doing the usual puzzle solving and boss slaying along the way.

Each player will be able to equip their character with different clothing, giving them special abilities, such as "lucky" which gives you a chance of not losing health if you get hit.

The multiplayer will be available online thankfully, as well as locally. The game can also be played single player, if that's your jam, in which you control all 3 characters (as presumably all dungeons will require teamwork to get through.)


Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

Nintendo announced a brand new Animal Crossing title for the Wii U during this Direct - but not an actual AC game.

Amiibo Festival is pretty much what it sounds like. The game is a Mario Party-esque style board game experience, with the character you will be using are Animal Crossing amiibo. One amiibo is required per player.

Word has it that this game will be available as a free download, so the only purchase you'll need to make to play are the actual amiibo, so that would be nice - this is not confirmed however.

Not the Animal Crossing game fans wanted for the Wii U, but looks interesting nonetheless. Holiday 2015 is when you should be able to get your hands on it.


Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

One of the more interesting titles to be announced by Nintendo, M&L Paper Jam is a mash up between regular Mario and Luigi games (think dream team style) and the classic RPG Paper Mario.

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam will be out roughly Autumn 2016 for Aussie fans.


Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

The Mario title no one really wanted to hear about, Mario Tennis is getting a Wii U version. The game seems to feature power ups like super size mushrooms. This game will be out holiday 2015.


Metroid Prime Federation Force

The world has been clamoring for a new Metroid for years now, and Nintendo has delivered - kind of?

The new Metroid game for 3DS is first person, features more action and less exploring, you do not play as Samus Aran and it has a heavy focus on multiplayer. The game can actually be played solo though.

The shown off game Blastball is actually a part of this Metroid game, as either a side activity or minigame.

Metroid Prime Federation Force will be out in 2016.

Minor Announcements

Nintendo slid a decent chunk of small stuff in between each of it's major announcements to keep viewers on their toes. Most of these announcements were either additions to previous announcements, or things we knew about already.

Hyrule Warriors Legends - As previously reported, the 3DS version of the game will add in two characters from Wind Waker. Out Q1 2016.

Fire Emblem Fates - Fire Emblem If finally has it's western name, along with a release date of "2016".

Shin Magami Tensei x Fire Emblem - A new trailer was shown for this game, without much real information. Still no real title for the game yet.

Xenoblade Chronicles - Nintendo showed another Xenoblade X trailer, showing off the ability to ride in mechs. A release date of December 4 2015 was shown.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer - This title was expanded upon a bit, showing the ability to not only design homes but also the outdoors of houses, school rooms and other buildings. Release date will be September 25, 2015.

Yoshi's Woolly World - Though it will be released next week in the Europe region, the US will be getting this game in October. Poochi will be in this Yoshi installment.

Yokai Watch - The popular Japanese pokemon-like game is making its way to the west officially. Slated as a "Holiday 2015" release.

letssupermario.com - Nintendo finished the show with a video of people creating their own videos to do with Mario in order to celebrate the 30th aniversary of Super Mario Bros. You can head on over to the website and upload your own creations for the world to see. Not sure how it's measured, but Nintendo will also be making a donation to Operation Smile - the more videos get uploaded, the higher the donation.


Amiibo breakdown

A ton of new amiibo have been during this E3, so let's wrap up what we know.

For those who are after a comprehensive list for everything amiibo to keep track of, I have a public spreadsheet available here. I keep this spreadsheet updated as I learn more in the way of announcements, release dates etc. and will be updated to reflect all the new announcements this weekend.

However, if you're looking for an easy image to visualize the new announcements, this might be of some help (side note: the skylanders amiibo are not mentioned here).


That's a wrap

And that's it for all the news from Nintendo this year at E3. Hope your body is ready for all the amiibo and games coming out soon.


There are still a few more conferences to cover yet - stay tuned for more E3 goodness!