E3 Week 2015 - Sony Press Conference!

Sony just seems to be going from strength to strength when it comes to games, it's fans and its platform. What an amazing event.

To the games.


The Last Guardian

Sony decided to come out with not a bang, but an absolute explosion, taking the attendees, the viewers and the world by storm. Twitter exploded with tweets of incredulous excitement, gasps and OH MY GODs. Sony actually announced, shown gameplay for and gave a general release date for one of the most anticipated games of all time, The Last Guardian.

The follow up game to the two cult hits Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on PS2, this game has been in development for over a decade. Every year fans of the series have been holding out for an announcement at E3, with most of the time receiving very little in return. Now, finally, it's just about here.

The demo showed a decent chunk of gameplay, as well as announcing a PS4 release date of 2016.


Horizon: New Dawn

Next up was an entirely new IP from the developers of the Killzone series. In quite a surprising actual gameplay demo, we were shown a young woman in caveman style furs explaining how the old ones (read: humans) built great cities and technologies, then an event caused a worldwide blackout and death. Now, thousands of years later, nature blooms everywhere and people live in nomadic tribes in the ruins of civilization. Oh, and there's robot dinosaurs.

This is honestly one of the most exciting, new and fresh things to come out of E3 so far. Release date is pegged as 2016.



Agent 47 is back in a new Hitman game. No word on whether it's a sequel, reboot, prequel or otherwise, this new game will have players "travel to exotic locations to eliminate high priority targets." A beta will be available first on PS4 and the PS4 will be getting exclusive DLC.


Street Fighter V

A short clip of SFV was shown next, highlighting the addition of Cammy and Birdie, both returning from previous games in the franchise. The game will be coming to PS4 and PC.


No Man's Sky

In case you didn't already know, No Man's Sky is a space exploration game that attempts to create a virtual world that is the size of the whole actual real life universe. As far as what is actually in this game - no one will ever see all of it. Some parts, no one will ever see. Not even the developer behind the game knows what might be in certain parts of it.

The game will feature space exploration (obviously), trade, combat, survival and more. Sean Murray, the cofounder of Hello Games (the creators of No Man's Sky) headed the demo of the game in front of the crowd, handling it extremely well. As part of the demo he just picked a random planet to go to - completely unscripted. Mad respect for this guy.

Honestly, it wasn't until I actually saw this gameplay example from the developer behind No Man's Sky before I understood, appreciated and became hyped for this game. Watch the clip below, then you will understand the massive scope and amazing possibilities this game will have to offer.


Dream Game

Media Molecule, the developer behind the Little Big Planet series and Tearaway, are back with their most ambitious idea yet. What idea is it? It's actually really hard to say.

The game(?) that doesn't even have an actual title yet takes the powerful user creation tools of LPB and blows that out tenfold. The idea behind this game is that you can make anything you can dream up a reality. You will be able to literally create anything using it's painting like mechanisms. You will be able to take assets created in other players "dreams" and modify them to your liking.

It is a curious idea to say the least. The developer on stage said multiple times how it's really difficult to grasp at first glance - I'm willing to take his word on that one and see what happens with this interesting tool/game.



An interesting indie-ish looking title, this first person exploration game has me intrigued. I believe you play a fireman out in isolated countryside, performing routine work, when things get a little mysterious. The only contact you have with the outside world is a walkie-talkie with a woman's voice on the other end.

The graphics look great in the trailer - The popping colours and cartoon like aesthetic mixed in with the great voice acting makes this a title to watch out for.



Though Destiny is obviously multiplatform, Sony's partnership with Activision give Sony bragging rights and exclusives when it comes to the 500 million dollar franchise. Sony showed this off at the conference with the announcement of the first true expansion - The Taken King.

The new expansion will new subclasses to each of the current classes - namely a void bow, arc lightning magic and solar fireballs - as well as whole new story content. Sony platforms will again get exclusive content - new gear, a multiplayer map and a new strike.


Assassins Creed Syndicate

Sony's next 3rd party showing added a bit more context on to the showing at the Ubisoft conference of AC Syndicate. This brief video showcased Evie Frye in more detail, and damn, does she look bad ass.

As you would expect, the PS4 will be getting exclusive AC Syndicate content.


World of Final Fantasy

A new game is set to drop from the good folks over at Square Enix. The new World of FF game seems to be both an entry point for newcomers of FF lore as well as a chance to spend time with old characters from previous games in the series.

The way they talked about the experience you'll be having with this game, it sounds like it is going to be much simpler than a regular Final Fantasy - the idea being that families can play, children can play with their parents. The art style is interesting as well - kind of like a cross between modern-ish and chronicles games. Will be interesting to see how it will be received by fans. Either way, this game will always be known as "The other Final Fantasy game Sony announced at E3 2015" because...


Final Fantasy VII Remake

This was the second massive "holy s***" moment from the audience for the show. Final Fantasy Seven, potentially the most talked about Final Fantasy in history, is getting a full do over for the PS4. And boy did it get the crowd going.

Just watch the trailer.


4 indie titles from Devolver

Four new titles will be published from dev Devolver in the coming months - Ronin, a side scrolling ninja game, EITR, dubbed a Diablo meets Dark Souls game, Mother Russia Bleeds, a sidescrolling beatemup, and Crossing Souls, which I'm honestly not sure what it is. All these games have an interesting retro style to their art, albeit all of them different in certain ways.


Shenmue 3

For their third insane mic drop during the conference, Sony brought Yu Suzuki on stage to announce a Kickstarter campaign for the 3rd installment of the cult classic Shenmue series. With the original being released in 1999 and 2 being released in 2001, fans have been clamouring for another for a long time now - so Sony said put your money where your mouth is and launched this campaign.

The campaign had a goal of $2,000,000 - it hit that goal in a matter of hours.

The campaign can be found here.


Batman Arkham Knight

Sony showed off a trailer for some exlcusive content for the final Batman game in the Arkham series, coming exclusively to PS4, titled the "Scarecrow Nightmare Missions". Looked scary as hell.



Sony didn't take as much time as I would've thought to talk about their VR offering, but it did at least mention it. A lot of general marketing babble was said, but in amongst all the non-info we did get a series of titles that will be available for the Morpheus:

Eve Valkyrie - space dogfighter
The Deep - deep sea simulator with sharks
Rigs - mech battling 3v3 arena
World War Toons
Wayward Sky

Several of these titles we weren't given much to go on, but it seems to be a decent slate of games to kick off the launch of the next potential platform for Sony.


Entertainment Talk

Sony spent a little bit of time going over their entertainment offerings, showing off their partnership with Spotify as well as Playstation Vue. The cable service Vue is being expanded to other cities in America, but sadly no news for any other countries. Vue allows for subscription to cable per channel, which sounds like a much better way to subscribe to pay TV.


Call of Duty Black Ops 3

In a new partnership with Activision, Sony has pulled the exclusivity rights to COD content away from Microsoft to make Playstation "the home of Call of Duty". This year, Sony platforms will get the game before other platforms, as well as bonus content earlier as well - with some being exclusive.

It's interesting to look at this deal from a business sense - for COD not to be "Xbox first" will be strange indeed. In reality it probably won't make much difference to sales, but it's interesting nonetheless.


Disney Infinity 3

In yet another partnership deal, Sony has scored exclusive rights to DI3 due to cuddling up with Lucasfilm. Playstation will get a second star wars playset a full month before any other platform, as well as a Boba Fett figure that will come with the set (also one month early).


Star Wars Battlefront

Sony was happy to use the phrase "Playstation will be the place to be for Star Wars fans" during these two segments.

Battlefront will be able to be played offline, online with friends in co-op or in split screen multiplayer. The game will be coming out November 17 this year.


Uncharted 4 - A Theif's End

In the final closing moments of the show, Sony went out with a bang. A gameplay demo was shown, which had a few issues to begin with - at least you knew it was real.

The demo showed all the typical action, explosions, shootouts and crazy stunts you'd expect from an Uncharted game, and looked positively gorgeous while doing it. For fans of the series, A Theif's End is going to be a big one.


In Closing

Sony had an absolute stellar conference. There were surprises, literal squeals of glee, big budget moments and smaller indie titles. If you are a big Sony fan, it might even be worth watching through the entire conference yourself if you haven't already. Potentially the best show of E3 2015.


Stay tuned for more E3 coverage with info about all your favourite titles!