E3 Week 2015 - Bethesda Press Conference!

Bethesda kicked off E3 with a stellar first time performance, with a short but fantastic list of games to talk about.



The makers at id software have been hard at work building the reboot to their beloved franchise, Doom. The game will be just as you remembered the original - fast paced movement, a massive insane arsenal and a ton of demons to slaughter.

The game is set on a research facility on Mars, with you "waking up" to deal with the demon threat from hell. Bethesda also showed off a small amount of gameplay from a level set in hell, so there's that.

The game is gory as hell, features some pretty gruesome melee take downs, has several functions for each weapon (eg the shotgun has a longer range, semi automatic function) and yes, there is a chainsaw.

Multiplayer features plenty of nostalgia with some interesting new elements to mix things up - the most notable shown was the ability to turn into an actual demon to terrorize other players.

Bethesda is also giving players the entire creation kit from the get go, titled "Snapmap", that will allow players to create pretty much anything they desire - single or multiplayer maps, challenges, even new game modes - Snapmap will allow users to create custom rules for their creations, such as "if this item is picked up, spawn a demon here".

All of this will be available Autumn 2016 for Aussie fans.


Bethesda Net

Bethesda briefly touched on an initiative they've been building called Bethesda net, which will be "the home of everything Bethesda". This site will presumably be a new place to feature news and updates, as well as social interactions with other fans, mods for any game and other content.



Battlecry got a small mention at the show, simply to mention that an open beta is coming soon, as well as the introduction of the Han Republic faction.


Dishonored 2

Those with their ears to the ground will already know from leaks a few days ago, but Bethesda has now officially announced the existence of the sequel to Dishonored. In this game you will play as Emily Caldwell, the daughter of the rulers of Empire of the Isles.

Rumors were that you played as two different characters in the upcoming number 2, but nothing from the conference said this specifically, apart from a section in the trailer that showed a male picking up the mask from the first game.


Elder Scrolls Online

ESO will be getting two new expansions coming soon: The Imperial City, which seems to be overrun with bad guys and nasty things (including some freakin' huge monsters) and Orsinium, realm of the Orcs.


Elder Scrolls Legends

a spin off card game is getting made for the Elder Scrolls franchise, in the same manner as Hearthstone is to Warcraft. The game will be free to play and will be released on PC & iPad first.


Fallout 4

OK, the big one. Surprising no one, Fallout 4 took up most of the conference, showing off a whole swath of cool stuff.

The game will start off pre apocalypse, With a mother and father of a newly born child being the main focus. You can customize both the characters, and the baby will be generated based on what you create. Excitingly, you can play as either male or female.

After hearing about nuclear strikes happening across the country, you run to the fallout shelter, only to see the bomb hit as seen in the trailer. You wake up some 200 years later, the sole survivor of vault 111.

VATS is back, but more refined than ever. And yes, as you probably already guessed from watching the trailer 26 times, you can have a dog as your companion essentially from the get go. The game is set in downtown Boston.

Not much was said about the story understandably, though a whole heap of new features were shown - you view your pipboy as if you are actually looking at your arm, rather than just a menu. Minigames can be found on holotapes throughout the wasteland that can actually be played on your pipboy. The collectors edition of the game comes with an actual real pipboy replica - which, get this, fits your phone inside of it as the screen! Because of this, Bethesda has made a whole companion app to go with it, which you can actually use to control functions in the game, while actually wearing a pipboy in real life. How's that for immersion.

As far as mobile phones go, Bethesda also released an iOS game (Android coming soon) called Fallout Shelter, which became available to download the night of the conference. The game puts you in charge of a vault, managing people, resources etc and allowing you to build from humble beginnings to a massive vault empire. The game has no timers in it whatsoever - building just finishes instantly - and requires no internet connection to play. You can purchase lunchboxes for real money for extra items, but these are completely optional - you can find lunchboxes normally for yourself anyway. Way to go Bethesda, that's how you put out a mobile game.

Last but not least, Bethesda showed off the crafting system for Fallout 4. The whole system has been revamped, allowing for modification and construction of weapons and armor from pretty much any item that exists in the wasteland. Not only that, however, but you can actually rebuild your own home within the wasteland. This can then be expanded and become a settlement where NPC's will come join you, a place to defend from raider attacks and so much more. You can even build multiple settlements and create trading caravans between the settlements.


In closing

Bethesda finished off their show by giving everyone in attendance  a bunch of cute little figurines, of which I'm so jealous of. All up, Bethesda had a fantastic first E3 conference, which will hopefully lead into them becoming more of a staple at future events.


Stay tuned for more E3 coverage throughout the week - more articles are in the works!