E3 Week 2015 - Ubisoft Press Conference!

A few hours ago Ubisoft bombarded us with games, announcements, trailers and demos. Lets check it out!


New Game Announcements

We have 4 new titles announced from Ubi this year - 3 from old franchises and 1 new IP.

South Park - The Fractured But Whole
While the South Park team swore they would never make another game again after Stick of Truth, after the great reception the first game had they decided to jump straight back in create a sequel. But Whole will continue the story of the new kid in town, fleshing out his back(side) story. Instead of classic medieval RPG, the game seemingly focuses on a superhero/villain theme.

For Honor
A new IP from Ubi, this game boasted "a new IP and new genre", though I'm not sure it goes that far. The game is 4v4 medieval battle arena game, featuring knights, vikings and samurais. the demo showed 4 actual players per team and a whole bunch of NPC characters. The battle system looks new and looks interesting, with parries, blocks and more to make it feel like a more genuine sword fighting experience.

Anno 2205
A new game in the city building franchise, this game has the player begin on earth, building futuristic cities, then moving off and continuing to build said cities on the moon. A beta for this game will be available later this year.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands
A 3rd new (and currently unfinished) entry into the Tom Clancy series, Wildlands is an open world FPS with various gameplay styles and a story seemingly involving hunting down drug cartels. Looks a bit like Far Cry in the gameplay. The words "cinematic" and "immersive" got thrown around a lot in reference to this game.


New expansions for older games

Ubi seems to be looking to expand several of its more recently released games, and is hyped to show you what it's been working on adding.

The Crew: Wild Run
The team behind the "all of America" racing game The Crew has been working on a big expansion called Wild Run that will add in monster trucks, motorbikes and a thing called Summits, which seem to be big get togethers for players to compete in.

Not sure if the expansion name is in capitals, but it should be. The only thing shown for this expansion was a trailer of a cat with a golden gun riding a unicorn that breaths fire. I think you actually are that cat in the new expanded levels. I hope you are.


Games we already knew about

Tom Clancy's The Division
The Division is an online action RPG that you play with friends. It seems as though there will be a bunch of areas you can go explore, searching for loot and such. Seems very much like Day Z style gameplay - you can team up with people, but you never know who you can trust. The gameplay they showed was pretty great, with one of the teammates turning on the other two in the last few minutes to steal their stuff. A beta will be available next year on next gen consoles and PC, with a release date of March 8 2016 confirmed.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege
Rainbow Six is still pretty much the same game as we saw last year - a team based counter terrorism unit taking out bad guys in completely destructible environments. A mode called Terrohunt is making a return to the series, which can be played either solo or with up to 4 friends. A beta will be available in September this year on all platforms.


Yearly releases

Just Dance 2016
To announce their new dance game for this holiday season, the Just Dance team brought Jason Derulo on stage to perform his latest single "Want To Want Me", which looked a little awkward from this side of a screen. My notes say "Jason Derulo on stage lol", if that gives you any indication. Anyway, this JD brings a few new features, for example you do not need a camera to play any more - you can use your smartphone as a controller, no matter the console. Also coming is a streaming service called Just Dance Unlimited, which will add new content constantly to keep things fresh. Will be out this October, to all current and last gen consoles.

Assassins Creed: Syndicate
We already know most of whats up with the next AC, but I'll lay it out anyway: AC Syndicate will be set in London in the year 1868, during the industrial revolution. You play as two seperate protagonists, brother/sister combo Jacob and Eve (Evey? Eevee? pronounced like the pokemon) Fry, who are a part of a street gang "The Rooks", fighting against tyranny and general bad people. 7 locations across Europe and Australia have been chosen to host a live gameplay demo, should you wish to check it out before its release this holiday season.


Other stuff

Trackmania Turbo
While this game has been out for a while on other platforms, Trackmania Turbo is coming to current gen consoles this holiday. Trackmania turbo is a racing game where your aim is to drive through obstacle courses as fast as possible to get the best time. There is a dynamic course builder being added to the game, that can instantly build new tracks on the fly for you to race on, which seems pretty cool and adds great re-playability. Ubi also mentioned a VR demo for this game, which could be fantastic or hellish, depending on your stomach.


And that's all this year for Ubisoft! Stay tuned for more updates through the week on everything E3.