Anticipation - One of the great reasons to be a gamer

Getting new things is always nice - especially when it comes to games. Picking up that new title you've been waiting for for months on launch day, taking it home and getting your game on. But I'm starting to think there is something even better than actually getting your hands on that shiny new toy - the waiting before the release.

Yes, you read that right. Waiting for a game can almost be as good, sometimes even better, than actually getting and playing the game itself. Sounds crazy hey.

The thing is, in that time between a video game being announced and the day of it's release, so much happens. There is media coverage about all sorts of aspects of the game, which spurs discussions with other people hungry for the experience. The team creating the game are beginning to talk about the game more with people, dropping hints about features and excitedly explaining mechanics they've been working on. In some cases, hardcore fans will dig and dig until they find something interesting that the world doesn't yet know about. Most importantly, your mind swirls with the possibilities of what could be.

Take Fallout 4 for example. For years, people have been anticipating this game. Over a year ago, Kotaku were sent some casting documents, which detailed some very interesting tidbits of information about the game - which turned out to be true. More recently, someone happened to dig up the profile of a CG artist's profile, that noted they had worked on a "Fallout 4 cinematic trailer". These instances have gotten people hyped up in a way that very few things can.

This feeling of elation, excitement, wonder - it's a fantastic thing to feel. Your mind gets pulled 100% into thinking about what might be coming, about one specific detail that you find amazing, about what exactly you are going to do when you get this game. In my days of playing Runescape, I can clearly remember being at work when I was 15, planning out exactly what I would be doing when I would get home to my game - how many trees I would be cutting down, which quests I would be going on. When I had the chance, I would print off pages and pages of information about the game - it's quests, skill guides, monster info - and spend hours pouring over the folders. It was just as much about the excitement when I was away from the game as it was actually playing it.

I've been getting hit with this every month or so lately, thanks to amiibo. We are given release dates for waves that are coming out, so I plan out what I will be doing and when. I pour through amiibo facebook pages and reddit threads, reading about them and checking out pictures. I created a spreadsheet to keep track of everything amiibo related because I am THAT excited. When I finally get to purchase these things, what do I do? Open a few and put them on the shelf, while the rest go in the cupboard.

It's interesting really - I hear people around me all the time speak of how they wish they could be a child again, how they would love to recapture their youth. "Don't grow up to fast!" they say to their kids. The giddiness I feel as an upcoming release approaches feels just like it did when I was young - truth be told, a lot about gaming helps keep that childlike feeling of pure fun alive, but that's a whole 'nother article.

As E3 approaches, the anticipation for what might happen is growing. We've already seen a ton of what is going to be there before the show has even started - Fallout 4, Uncharted Collection, Deus Ex - but the excitement is almost uncontainable.

It's so much fun being a gamer - even when waiting is half the game.


E3 is NEXT WEEK! Articles will run a bit differently for a while - I will be covering some of the E3 press conferences and maybe some other stuff. Stay tuned!