Games Corner 07/06/2015

This week we bring you all the gaming news, Pre E3 week! Surprisingly a lot, considering the big show is only a week and a bit away.


The most anticipated title of all time is announced - No, not Half Life 3 - Fallout 4!

After literally years of hoping, Fallout 4 was officially unveiled this week after a 24 hour countdown and launching of a new Fallout 4 website

The website actually dropped for a few minutes an hour earlier than anticipated, slightly ruining the surprise - but it was still an amazing trailer that dropped nonetheless. check out the announcement trailer below.

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Nintendo announcement roundup

Nintendo of Japan dropped a small Nintendo Direct this week, with Nintendo of America releasing a follow up Nintendo Direct Micro shortly after. The cliffnotes:

Chibi Robo Zip Lash! - A new sidescrolling action platformer is coming to the 3DS, complete with a new amiibo. The game features a little robot that plugs into wall sockets to charge and then expels energy as it moves through the level. The amiibo will come exclusively bundled with the game.
Bravely Second End Layer - The sequel to the much loved 3DS RPG Bravely Default has been given a name, as well as a release date of "2016".
Dr. Mario - Miracle Cure for 3DS - A new Dr Mario game is headed the way of the 3DS as an exclusive eShop download on June 12.
Project Treasure - the interesting dungeon crawler-like game coming to Wii U got a few minutes of rough gameplay footage.
Fire Emblem If - The new fire emblem will feature amiibo support, allowing users to tap their fire emblem amiibo to battle and recruit them. The game will also feature a castle of sorts, where you are able to upgrade and build up an assortment of buildings.
Other announcements include Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Puzzle & Dragons Z + Mario Bros Edition update, Little Battlers Xperience and a Splatoon update are also mentioned in the Direct. Check out the video below for more info on these titles.

Aside from the Direct, Nintendo also announced this week that Lucas will become a downloadable character in Smash Bros on June 14 2015.

In other Nintendo news, counterfeit amiibo were spotted in Brazil this week. Kepp your eyes peeled if you're looking to pick up Nintendo's toys-to-life variants!



Steam offers refunds, waters get murkier

As of this week, Steam has released an update offering refunds for game purchases - with a few stipulations.

First, a refund can only happen if the purchase has been made in the last 14 days. Second, the title must have been only played for less than 2 hours. Seems fair, right?

This new option raises even more questions surrounding specific use cases. What if a small indie title only goes for less than 2 hours? What's to stop someone from buying a game, playing for just under 2 hours, grabbing a refund, then rinse and repeat until they are finished with the game? Valve says they will punish any wrong doing surrounding refunds - we'll see if this actually works out.

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New game releases & DLC

Hatred - PC 
That game with the controversial trailer that got the gaming press riled up in disgust. Turns out the game is crap and is banned in Australia & Germany anyway.

Heroes of The Storm - PC/Mac/Linux
Blizzard's new MOBA. Set to make a splash against the likes of DOTA 2 and LOL.