I'm obsessed with this mobile game and you should be too

Aside from a few odd cases - Year Walk, Peggle, Flappy Bird - I'm usually not that into mobile games. To me, when I think "gaming", I think of hardcore RPGs that I can sit down and really put time into - not necessarily a small game that you literally can't sit down and play for hours on end. This way of thinking is a shame really, because it is quite archaic -  there are so many interesting experiences that fit into those "in between" times. My newest obsession is a testament to that - Capitals.

Coming from the makers of Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes - Nimblebit - Capitals is a a simple enough game at it's base; your task is to create words with the letters on the screen. In a similar fashion to Words With Friends, you take turns with another player (either locally on one device, or through the internet using the iOS Game Center or facebook to find friends/randoms to play with) creating words and expanding your area throughout the rest of the screen. To win the game, you must cover your opponents area with your own colour.

Connecting letters to your colour results in your territory expanding; connecting to your own and your opponent's will take theirs away. You are allowed to use letters from anywhere on the screen, but only ones connecting to your own colour will change the board - otherwise it will just change the letter on that spot.

The maximum "lives" (aka game starts) you can have is 3, with that number being replenished by 1 every hour. This is a little steep to begin with, but as you start gaining momentum and keep starting more games, you can have several going at once with different people - I currently have 22 games running, waiting for my opponents to make their moves.

Upon first downloading the game, I had some issues with the pricing of some of the in-app purchasing. Wonderfully, the devs behind the game took in the feedback from players and adjusted their prices to much fairer price points. It's great to see the talent behind this game making quick edits on the fly to keep it's player base happy.

Currently, in app purchasing allows for a few options. $1.29 nets you the ability to customize your icon and colour, $6.49 increases your life cap to 5 and if you just want to go hung ho and play thousands of matches all day everyday, you can grab infinite lives for $12.99. You can also replenish your lives for $1.29, should you so choose. These prices are more than fair to fit the fun this game provides.

So if you're looking for something little to fill the time between work breaks, for the bus ride home or just to play on the side while the ads are on TV, this is an excellent game to keep you occupied.

The game can be found here: Capitals - Free Word Battle
You can find Nimblebit, creators of Capitals, at www.nimblebit.com or on twitter @Nimblebit.