Games Corner 03/05/15

It's Sunday! Welcome to your scrumptious brunch of gaming news for the week.


Project Cars reminds us how beautiful it is pre-launch

Set for release May 7th, Project Cars has got to be one of the most beautiful & realistic driving simulators ever seen - especially on console.

This amazing video by Team VVV detailing a section of a race from in game speaks for itself. If you watch this, do yourself a favor- crank this video up to 1080p/60fps, sit back and enjoy the graphics porn.


Silent Hills officially cancelled, P.T. gone from PS store

After strong rumors surrounding Hideo Kojima's exit from Konami turned out to be completely true, Sony has officially come forward and said that the previously announced Silent Hills game has been cancelled. While this game was already a much anticipated title from the developer, it's the controversy surround the unique play experience P.T. that has been the talk of the gaming web this week.

P.T, short for Playable Teaser, was an interesting phenomenon that rippled through the gaming industry. It was a free downloadable experience from the PlayStation store and was found to be a teaser for the in-development game Silent Hills. It was such an interesting experience that some gaming publications even had it in their lists for game of the year. And now, it is gone.

Sony announced that P.T. would be taken down from the PS store on April 29. This lead to outcry from the gaming community, imploring Sony to just leave it be, and subsequently lamenting the loss of a great experience.

No doubt the circumstances surrounding the removal of P.T. are murky at best - I do believe Sony would have listened to fans and kept the experience on the store, should they be allowed to - I'd hazard a guess in saying licensing deals prevented this from ending any other way.

For now, all we can say is that P.T. has become an interesting piece of gaming history. Here's hoping that it pops up somewhere again to allow future gamers the chance to play through the teaser that was much more than a simple demo.

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New game releases & DLC

Broken Age Part 2 - PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/PS Vita/OUYA/iOS/Android
Rounding out the second half of the kickstarter project by Double Fine, the full story is now available across platforms.

Kerbal Space Program - PC/Mac/Linux
Can you believe that this game has only just officially had its 1.0 release?