Games Corner 10/05/15

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Oculus Rift gets an official release date of Q1 2016

After years of demos, teases, dev kits and waiting, Oculus has finally announced that the consumer version of the Oculus Rift will be available in the first quarter of next year.

The blog post shared by Oculus hints that "E3 is just around the corner — this is only the beginning." Expect to hear some interesting news regarding the the Rift in the coming weeks.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 actually gets announced

While we saw leaks of images of the starter set two weeks ago, this week finally saw the actual announcement of Disney Infinity 3.0. To absolutely no one's surprise, the new set will introduce the Star Wars franchise to the toys-to-life game.

Other releases involve characters from TRON, old school classic characters such as Mickey Mouse & Mulan, Olaf from Frozen, characters from the upcoming movie Inside Out and additional figures from the Marvel franchise, such as Hulkbuster Iron Man. Power discs will also now be labelled instead of inside blind packs.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is slated for release this holiday season.

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Snake, that game you played on your old brick phone, is getting a sequel

The actual creator of the original Snake has decided to make a sequel for current smartphone devices. The game will have all the trimmings - power ups, secrets and points galore.

Hopefully the game doesn't go to overboard on the in-app purchases.

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GOG's new Steam competitor - GOG Galaxy, one of the bigger online stores for purchasing DRM free video games, has officially released their own variant of Valve's Steam program into the world. You can now get on board with the GOG Galaxy open beta.

While Galaxy has been around for a while, it has only ever been closed off to a handful of testers. GOG are now releasing it upon the world for anyone to try. GOG promises a DRM free platform, with the ability to rollback game updates, optional game updating and full offline support.

It's about time we had a true competitor to Steam in the PC marketplace - hopefully GOG can bring itself to be that. (Sorry Origin/Uplay, you were never in the running.)

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New game releases & DLC

GoatZ - PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android
The hilarious game Goat Simulator gets its own inevitable zombie goatpoclypse with this DLC. Available as a separate game on mobile devices.

Project Cars - PC/PS4/Xbox One
The most beautiful car racing game ever made is now available for you to revel in it's amazing graphics.

Kirby & The Rainbow Curse - Wii U
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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - PC/PS4/Xbox One
A standalone prequel to last years' surprise shooter with a good story, Wolfenstein: The New Order.