The mindset of a Collector

Becoming a collector is a very, very deep rabbit hole - and once you're down there, you're not coming back. That being said - it's a pretty damn fun hole to fall down.


Collecting, acquiring, stockpiling, hoarding - whatever you call it, you can guarantee two things. One - you are going to need a lot of space, and two - you are going to spend a lot of money, eventually anyway.

As I begun my foray into becoming a collector with Amiibo, I don't think I really understood what I was starting.

I feel like my mind has altered somewhat. I feel this need to collect everything that I get into. Special editions of games, full sets of cards... I was even considering collecting every Wii U game (dollar wise, I'm glad I've decided not to go with that one.) I always want to be working towards completing my collection - in the same way that I feel a good game pulling me back every night, while all I think about is playing it when I'm elsewhere.

In my obsessive compulsiveness, I've even gone ahead and made a spreadsheet for Amiibo collecting, containing not only a list of every Amiibo/bundle/variant we know of, but also a sheet for release dates for each country worldwide and another for checking compatibility to games for each Amiibo. Yeah, I'm neck deep in Amiibo collecting at this point.

(If you would like to check out the spreadsheet, you can find it here. Feel free to download it and make your own, edit your own copy, or just refer to it any time you need. I have no doubt I'll be keeping it updated, even just for myself.)

You'd think, by the way I'm writing, that collecting is a bad thing - quite the opposite, actually. Collecting doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend a massive fortune on everything that exists - part of the fun is actually finding a way to not spend so much money. Finding random pieces needed for your collection at a garage sale or second hand store, trading a spare you have to someone desperately in need for something else you are dying to get your hands on, finding a little niche (legit) website that is selling the item you're after, actually finding that rare item you've been after in a retail store - these are the things that make collecting an exhilarating and fun hobby.

In the end I've decided to hone in and focus on two specific collections - Amiibo and Fire Emblem. With a bit of luck, I won't have to live in the street clutching my Villager Amiibo spend a massive fortune - just a small one.

For me personally, this excites me way more than just generally collecting something huge -  for example, all games from a particular system, or everything Zelda related. These two (currently) small collections that I'm building are something that I can actually accomplish without shelling out thousands of dollars straight up, but are things I can work on as more merchandise and other related items come out. There are only 6 current Fire Emblem games in English (compared to over 100 Wii U games) and while Amiibo is something that is already big, I doubt it will reach this level anytime soon (or at least within the next year... maybe):

So if you are interested in becoming a collector - it's a fun, stressful, fantastic hobby. Becoming an "expert" on a very specific niche is a wonderful thing. I hope you're ready for it.

Oh, and if you have a PAX East Cosmic Samus EvilosArt Custom Amiibo... I'd be happy to buy it from you ;)

... But seriously. I probably would.

Link for Amiibo spreadsheet:

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