Games Corner - 19/04/15

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The House of Wolves opens its doors May 19 in Destiny

The long awaited next expansion for everyone's favourite grind simulator Destiny - House of Wolves - has been given the official release date of May 19.

House of Wolves will reportedly not contain a new raid, so no new vault of glass for you unfortunately. Rumors say that this expansion will provide a new hub area similar to the tower on Earth. What definitely will be included however will be a new story with new quests and new areas to explore - all surrounding the Awoken's war with the Fallen.

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Destiny's House Of Wolves Comes Out May 19


Mewtwo joins the smash battle

The first ever DLC character available for Super Smash Bros - Mewtwo - is now available for free for those dedicated Nintendo fans that have bought Super Smash Bros for both Wii U & 3DS and registered them with Nintendo. If you did this, you should have received an email from Nintendo with download codes for both systems.

Mewtwo will be released as purchasable DLC to everyone on 28th of April.

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Mewtwo on Smashpedia


Guitar Hero Live is a thing

The new installment of Guitar Hero has been officially announced, and it looks fantastic.

The game is designed to make it really feel like you are actually playing in a band on stage at a concert. The video shown on screen will be a combination of real live-shot video and CGI - the cool thing being that the crowd actually reacts to how you are playing. How this will be accomplished is still a mystery, but it sure looks exciting.

The new guitar uses a 2 x 3 button layout, as opposed to the old 1 x 5 button version. This unfortunately means that the game will not be backwards compatible with your old plastic instruments.

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Guitar Hero is Back And I Really Like What I've Seen


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New game releases & DLC

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